Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Makaiju Green

Today I went to Kelly-Moore paints to buy my room's new hue (it's been white ever since I moved in - boring!) and selected 'Sub-lime.'

Paint swatch! Would you believe that a lime green was the only color that could work with my brown carpet, four different shades of wooden furniture ranging from dark to light (and all cheap I might add), white ceiling, and the odd yellow desk I've had since I was six?

It almost reminds you of Makaiju skin, doesn't it? (In shadow obviously; when the light's directly on their skin it is much lighter.)

Which reminds me, I keep meaning to look up 'Makaiju' at the DMV and seeing if I can get it for my license plate. It's probably long taken by now tho'. I suppose there's always 'Maka1ju' if I'm desperate.

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