Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A Death in the Family

It was three years ago today when Carol passed away. I held her right hand, and David held her left. We assured her we loved her, that she had done her part well, and that it was all right for her to leave us. Her breathing became slower and slower, and then did not come at all. She passed away so peacefully that I could not say the exact moment. The time I recorded may be a minute later when I first looked at my watch.
I do not know that she heard us, or understood us; but it seemed to us she had waited until we came before she died. May God rest her soul and take her as His own!

I did the Bible Study today on the Book of Judges. It went very well. I had music by Mozart and Schubert, tunes Carol would have known and loved. I do the Bible Study in honor of Carol, and I have done so for just over two years.
May you all spend some silent reflection on what Carol meant to us in all her roles in life. All we have now is the memory. \

Love to all, Grampa.

I have to admit that before I got this e-mail from my grandfather I had forgotten the date of Grandma's death. She was really neat, but stroke & Alzheimer's took her mind away when I was quite young and I never really got to know the woman behind Grandma. It's really sad to me, but at least I have fond memories of her when I was really young and we had tea parties and baked cornbread together.

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