Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Work Gripes (again) has really been sending out more emails lately - practically daily, it seems! It makes me wonder if we're doing poorly store-wide, which would be really weird, because store 640 has been doin' pretty well. We're up for the quarter and make plan nearly every day.

Coming up soon we have to start asking customers for their e-mails. I'm having a crisis of conscience here. On the one hand, I pride myself on excelling at my job and I won't be the best if I start picking and choosing which practices I will follow. (I do this enough as it is - I don't add as aggressively as I should and I'm very reluctant to dive into a sale. I point a customer in the direction they want to go and move on, rather than guide them to the product and talk up the benefits.) On the other hand, asking every customer for their e-mail address and manually typing it in is a disaster just waiting to happen. It'll add to wait times and I'm sure most customers won't want to hand it out to us anyway. I mean, we're already expected to ask customers for phone numbers, too.
On the plus side, at least in the state of California we can't ask credit card customers for e-mails.

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