Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

San Francisco visit

Mother and I went up to San Francisco today to visit my grandmother. Mom had a bunch of errands to run in the morning - for example we have been needing to get rid of our old TV for about a week, ever since it blew out on Seanie and I while we were watching Pirates of the Carribean. So we took that TV down to a recycling center and dropped it off. Then we went to Fry's and a couple of other electronics stores to look at the selection. TVs are huge now, folks. Our humble 26" screen (which we'd had for fourteen years!) is clearly no longer an acceptable size, to judge from the many televisions currently on the market.

Well, whatever. Tanya gave us a perfectly functional TV - a small screen, it's probably 23" or so - so we may just use that one rather than invest another $1000+ in a new unit.

Popo's doing OK - she isn't as active as she used to be, which worries my mom. She's also less and less interested in everything, it seems. She cooks less and doesn't go out unless she has to. Some of it is just paranoia, I'm sure - after all, she's 92 and would be an easy target for a mugger or something. But a lessened zest for life is never a positive thing.
I can't remember exactly when, but I believe Goong-Goong's health started deteriorating around this time of year in 2004.
While we were visiting we ended up watching Rain Man. You remember that movie, with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? Good stuff.

On the way home (Popo goes to bed really early, around 8 or so, so we had plenty of time) we stopped at the Stanford Shopping center and I was sorely tempted to break my "No-Clothes-For-A-Year" vow. Did I ever tell you about that? Sometime this summer - I think it was in June - I realized I hadn't bought any clothes in 2006 and resolved to go the entire rest of the year without any new shirts or pants or ANYTHING, so that I could say I went one whole year without buying any clothes.
Looking around at Macy's and other fancy-schmancy shops in Stanford and I was more tempted to break that challenge than I've been in weeks!

Luckily(?) we left the mall before I did any damage. Mom found a few shirts to pair with a skirt she wants to wear tomorrow for a presentation she's giving.

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