Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ants + another annoyances

Ants are totally taking over our home. Yesterday Mom bought some egg custard tarts for me on Clement Street, but we left them out overnight and the ants completely covered them! :( I only got to eat one of the five we bought, and ants feasted on the rest. Depressing.
So we walked to the store this evening and bought Raid to spray the little buggers into oblivion.
Apparently they also make pellets that you sprinkle and the ants carry back to the colony and feed to the queen, who dies and then the rest of the ants die off too.
Mom didn't want to get that one; I thought it was a neat idea.

Kenny, Seanie, Betsy and I went to tea today. I really can't do that again for a long time - it's waaaaaaaaaay too expensive. But it was fun and tasty.
No more tea tho'.
Can't afford it.

I saw a recent photo of the ex earlier and it was very queer because I found myself wondering what I was attracted to in him. I just couldn't find it in that photograph. I wonder if that means that I've changed, or he changed, or if that mysterious quality just can't be captured on film.
Of course, if someone up-and-up asks me I can't verbalize it either.
When I think about it, nothing comes to mind.
What was I attracted to? I really just don't know.

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