Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fall 2006: Day One

I have two excellent English classes to choose from. The one that has my current preference is taught by Ms. Tina Golaw. I like it for the content; the focus is on science fiction and graphic novels. Ms. Golaw is extremely bubbly and energetic. She's also VP (Very Pregnant.) The class looks funa nd it is in a convenient time slot; without it I would have a one hour gap in my schedule. However, it's full and I'm not sure I'll be able to add it. Right now I'm on the waiting list, and I wasn't able to add today. Ms. Golaw said I can try again Wednesday, but of course she can't promise anything.

The other class meets at the crack of dawn - well, 7:45, and isn't that close enough? - and it is hard to get there on time. By the time class is over I'm no longer groggy, which is good news for my second class, dreaded math. The teacher, Dr. Gray, is a fascinating woman, and she's so smart! She has an excellent vocabulary and uses it freely, but will stop and tell you the meaning of the word if she notices she lost the class - and she always seems to notice. Some might find that condescending, but I like that. Her class is also a 'focused' class - she's teaching with Japanese literature and an emphasis on women's studies. The books sound fascinating. But the class is very challenging and requires a lot more writing than Ms. Golaw's - 500 words a week minimum. Since I am taking 18 units, the less work I have to crunch out, the better! I was considering dropping Dr. Gray's class even if I don't make it into Golaw's, and taking English 1B in the spring - but I'm so very behind in school so I need to crunch it out NOW.

Each class will be fun in its own way and I'm totally into both of the teachers. But I still really hope I get into Golaw's class, because I don't think I'll be able to keep up with Dr. Gray. (If I do get into Golaw's section, I am definitely going to watch for the name Gray tho'. I would love to take another class from her in the future!)

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