Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fall 2006: Day One/Two

Math looks like I might actually pass this semester. Mr. Chin, my teacher, is the sweetest guy ever and he is so fantastic! He moves at a good pace and breaks the lesson down into short, easily swallowed chunks. He doesn't teach directly from the book (You know that sort of teacher, they stand at the front of the room behind the podium and read directly from the textbook), and he makes study guides to help as he goes along. As a testament to his teaching style, over half the class were students that had had him before, and a quarter of the class had had him for multiple math classes! (Meaning more than one math course, not that they repeated the same course over and over.) I wish I had thought to pay attention to websites like sooner, because many students recommend Mr. Chin. If I pass this class I hope to take my future maths from him too, but I don't think he teaches beyond algebra unless you take calculus. Ugh.
He is quite blind; he literally has to put on glasses with a huge manification in them and a piece of paper to his nose to read it. He's also easily sidetracked into stories about his niece, whom he clearly adores. But he's so enthusiastic and great at his job.

I also really like my Bio11 teacher, Thomson. He's Scottish (not English and not Irish he was quick to point out in his introduction. I could tell not English, but I haven't mastered the difference between an Irish and a Scottish accent. Don't laugh at me.) His class will be a bit drky but he has done a lot of traveling because of his major, Tropical Sciences. (Yes, he majored in that. In Scotland. Go figure.) He promised (threatened?) to regale us with tales of the many "interesting" parasites he picked up while in South America.
He teaches both the lecture and the lab, and it's nice to have that consistancy. The girls in my lab group seem hardworking and dedicated, so hopefully we will get an easy A!
There's also one guy in our group and he's either a bit slow or he doesn't care about school at all, because he barely participated in our lab yesterday. I wonder if he's intimidated by three girls. Maybe that's it.

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