Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Comic books at school!

I got into the English class I wanted!

That means comic books, science fiction, and Edgar Allen Poe!
Rock on.
I do feel sorry for the kids who are waiting to add but didn't get it. Unlike me, they didn't have an alternate English class to go to if they couldn't get into this one. But you know what? That's what you get for putting all your eggs in one basket.
Mrs. Golaw thought it was super-funny that I had been simultaneously taking Dr. Gray's 1B class in case I didn't get into her 10:30 section. What can I say? I don't like the idea of being in community college EVEN LONGER - that's just depressing!

Tonight at Bath & Body Works I did a few minor floor changes - nothing too huge. The $5 Body Splash promotion was added, and all the Fresh Vanilla and Pear Blossom fragranced items also moved to $5. Good riddance. Those smells were really not so fun.

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