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Everybody's just touchy-feely all over the place

Yume: The fish are nibbling at my eyes. Why?

What a long day – I just want to sleep. Everything's gone fuzzy because my brain's starting to loop...hey, Taka just messaged me! I feel so freakin' fuzzy special! Wheeee! Wow, I'm so easily excitable when I'm tired. I'm also talking to Kris, who is currently freaking out about her boy, Dan (Evil Incarnate, I hear!) who said I'll see him Wednesday ('bout time!), and the boyfriend, who insists I write this entry. Wow. I just want to sleep.

School sucked. As usual, I blew off Japanese. There's no way in hell I'm passing that class. Peter was being all touchy-feely, which bugged me because
A/ Only Samchan should be allowed to be touchy-feely with her lovers
B/ Bandaid, why didn't you tell him to stop?
Lindsay, I hear, was dressed all in red – which is quite a change from the drab green-and-denim ensemble she normally puts together - and I wanted to see this 'new look' but she took too long to show up and entertain me, so I left without seeing this sartorial holocaust of fashion.

Oops! I'm totally doin' bad with Taka. I keep forgetting basic details about him. It's distracting. But he's fun! Rarrrr...but it makes my brain hurt, trying to talk to people when I'm sleepy. Wow, I'm coming off as such a ditz...wait, I am one. Blah! I'm putting up a phone message so I can concentrate on writing.

I took Bandaid home (nervously watching my gas gauge, because I was sure I'd be out before the day was through) and then took the boyfriend to my house where we hung out for two or three hours. Wow. That's a lot of lip service – do you know how freakin' hard it is to be serious for three hours straight???

Alright, my focus is gone. I'm goin' to sleep. G'night, all!

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