Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Quick hits Thursday

- School in the morning, math homework due. First quiz.

- Eight hour shift at Bath & Body Works. should have spent the whole 8 hours doing inventory as scheduled, but had to finish floorset. Lisa insisted i put marketing away and do lots of little niggly things that could've waited, given that inventory is sunday night and there isn't really a time limit on the cleanliness of the store. now i suppose inventory will be behind and it'll be my fault.

- inventory prep is fun. we should do inventory more than once a year.

- Deb was back. Apparently she really did almost die in Mexico. Scary. Seems to think the lousiness of the floorset is mostly my fault, which is probably true.

- mystery person sent me a text message stating that cosmopolitan was originally a feminist magazine. who was it? was it you? i don't have your phone number programmed so 'fess up your identity, because i'm too shy to text message you back to ask.

- after work i saw m. butterfly with kendrick in mountain view. fantastic play. loved it.

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