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Es kocht die Eifersucht.

Yume: Davy and Tony are battling for supremacy. Each wields his guitar-saber and they duel, each making their instrument wail as they simultaneously stab at each other with pointed head-stocks. Davy is older, and meaner, but Tony has dedicated much to his craft and his technique is far more advanced. Defeated contestants lay dead upon the floor. Providing color commentary is hide, looking remarkably flashy despite his five year dirt-nap.

Today was another slow day. Class was canceled, so I stayed home and watched Fushigi Yuugi: Eikoden. The animation looks like it was all done on computer, which is a shame – no cels to auction off on eBay. It was very beautiful, though, and the CG gods – especially Seiryuu – were gorgeous. A lot of the humor from the novels didn't seem to transfer well to screen, but I think that was only because of time constraints. It was a very noble effort, overall, and quite enjoyable.

I came across a bunch of character notes/sketches and plot lines from a manga series I planned out a while ago, and when re-reading it today I thought it was still quite good. I spent the afternoon researching dragons – who knows? I may renew my ambition to start a webcomic yet. It's very difficult to find detailed information on the different types of Chinese dragons, my notes, I listed a book as "Goong-goong's jade-work source" so I may have to borrow that again. It seems to have been very useful.

Woman is an angel who seldom appreciates a man who has not a bit of the devil in him.
Are you taking notes? This very deep observation is courtesy of Max O'Rell, who wrote a book at the turn of the century previous entitled Her Royal Highness Woman and His Majesty Cupid. I came across him when I was looking up quotes on jealousy a few days ago, a bit of research stemmed from a discussion with Davy. I have always thought it's impossible to have love without some jealousy, which Davy says extends to all relationships, but that of lovers. His example is that he feels jealous when I can't talk to him because I'm doing something else, for it is like I'm saying, "I have something cooler to do. You aren't special enough for me to spend time with." It's a little insult, a little potshot to his pride. And I understand that, because I've felt and feel the same way. Conversely, if Davy didn't feel jealous once in a while, I think I'd be a bit sad, because that's like "I don't care. I don't need you. You do not affect me in any way. I don't notice if you're here or not."
But Davy contends that true love erases that jealousy. If there is true love, there is no jealousy. I don't see how – to me, it seems the jealousy should only be stronger. If I feel singed when my best friend blows me off, it's a burn when a lover does. But if the lover doesn't get jealous when I blow him off, that's a real diss. I don't care. I don't need you. You do not affect me in any way. I don't notice if you're here or not. Ouch.
Men should cease to be jealous when they discover they have real ground for being jealous. I do not believe that jealousy comes from true love; but justifiable jealousy should cure one of love.
Good ol' Max.

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