Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Confidential Confessions sucks monkey balls as far as I'm concerned.

SO I read Confidential Confessions #1 this morning and it wasn't nearly as interesting as I had hoped. With all the hype about how 'real' it is and how gritty and urban the stories are, I was expecting to totally get into the story. Suicide! Sex! Drugs! Cyanide! DRAMA RAMA!

Eh, not so much. Momochi came off as quite preachy towards the end of the first story, and the second story wasn't realistic at all! In it, a homeless prostitute is taken in by a street musician, and she pawns his guitar to get money to go shopping. AND HE IS PERFECTLY OKAY WITH IT.
How ridiculous can you get? Real life is not like that at all!

PS. My brother gave me a hug just now and asked why I wasn't in this entry, so now he is. Let us all collectively sigh, "Aaaaaaaaaw, how sweet."
Sweet brother moment over.

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