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07 March 2003 @ 10:28 pm
...and I want to swing you dove...  
Yume: I'm swinging on a wooden board, suspended by two strands of rope from a maple tree. The higher I go, the more the rope creaks. My puffy Lolita-esque skirts fly up in my face, but layers of petticoats and yards of lace preserve my modesty.

Reading old diary entries is so funny. Seeing the way people were, and knowing what they are now – it's just so entertaining seeing how they've moved from one self to the current one. But sometimes it's depressing, too, if the person has only gone downhill. You see what they were and what they've become and it's just bummer, what happened to you?

Something continues to bother me, but I haven't quite figured out the words for this problem so I can't voice it yet. I told Bandaid, and she understood because she knows how to put my scattered thoughts together, but while I want to write things up I can't just yet. When I lay it out, the words must be perfect, because he must understand exactly what I mean.

Today I mostly puttered around the house. I played with clothes for a while, making up a couple of outfits that I may try next week, depending on the weather. I answered a lot of email that's stacked up over the past few days, and even studied some economics while listening to Savage Garden. About an hour ago I made an egg sandwich – we'll see how well I survive that. The sell-by date on the package was two or three weeks ago.

You walk in the room with your attitude. You've got an awful lot to prove. At the end of the day, when you walk away, are you on the darker side of blue?

Every time I check in on him he's become more amazing. He's smarter and hotter and cooler, and with his charisma and talent he will rise to be a star and forget that I ever existed, if he even remembers me now. Damn. And you're my obsession. I love you to the bones.
Current Mood: troubled
Current Music: "darker side of blue" by tal bachman