Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


I totally got pulled over today for speeding and now I have a speeding ticket for doing eighty in a sixty-five zone.
I didn't even try to defend myself when the cop pulled open my door. I'm guilty as sin and the first to admit it.
The cop was very nice. No lectures. Just told me my speed, asked for my info, and wrote out the ticket before directing me on my merry way. He was kind, just doing his job, not out to save the world from dangerous criminals but to remind little girls that they still need to obey the rules.

As I drove later in the day, I kept secretly raging to myself that those guys who go whipping through lanes, weaving in and out behind cars at speeds I can't even calculate weren't getting pulled over instead. But it doesn't erase your own error because others do it more frequently or to a worse degree. So I shouldn't complain.

I wonder how much a fifteen-miles-over-the-speed-limit ticket costs.

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