Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bath & Body Works

You'd think that we could go one week at Bath & Body Works without everything falling to pieces - but no! Debs managed to contract pink eye somehow so everyone's scrambling to work extra shifts. Can you believe it? Pink eye! In both eyes! I feel bad for her, but at the same time it's a bit funny. I wonder if she'd kill me if I start calling her Pinky.

It's near the holiday season, so naturally we are starting to hire the new holiday help. So far I am not terribly impressed with this batch of girls, although there are a few promising young ladies. Today I was working with a girl named Gina - or was it Jeannette? Jeannie? Joanie? - and she was useless. Useless as a third teat, as Kirsten always used to say. She would not talk to customers at all, preferring to hide at the walls and re-arrange bottles of lotion. That's not so bad if it's a slow day, but when there's ten customers milling around the store then you can't try to disappear into the woodwork. (I remember trying to sell my first year, and how terrifying it was. But I still tried. That's all anyone asks.)
When she was at the registers she wouldn't try to add-on to purchases, or even close up open deals. Those are the easiest ways to add on - I use them all the time - but she didn't mention a single promotion the whole time I was at the register with her.
I'm hoping she's just shy. I can live and work with shy. But lazy? That will just drive me insane.

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