Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Yum yum yum!

It's Fallidays at Bath & Body Works!

Yeah, you read that right. Fall-i-days. Customers complained loudly last year that Christmas came too early, so we're easing into it a little more slowly this year. Instead of going full-blast holiday this week, we're keeping the front of the store fall-themed and the back of the store has gone nuclear Christmas.

We have some GREAT scents right now, I have got to say. In the new temptations line, we have a Pumpkin Pie Paradise fragrance that is swoon-worthy! Absolutely divine! It smells dead-on like Pumpkin pie with mountains of whipped cream! Even better is the Pecan Passion, another pie fragrance that smells of sweet crispy caramelly delight. There's also Spiced Apple Rapture (red apples with's OK, but not spectacular) and Cinnamon Bun Heaven (in the stockroom we've written CINNABON on all the boxes) to create a quartet of fun autumn fragrances that are newer and more novel than the Perfect Autumn Collection, which we've had for a good three years running.

The traditional Signature Collection body care is back, too. Vanilla Bean Noel. (Plastic. Ugh.) Winter Candy Apple. (It's OK, but the orange zestiness overpowers the apple.) Very Festive Pomegranate, which replaced last year's Very Merry Cranberry. (I like it alright, but we just had Pomegranate Martini this summer. I feel slightly overwhelmed by it all.)

Drop by a store and take a sniff. Everything's warm and cozy!

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