Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Gotta get those creative juices flowing again

Now that my scanner is up and working again, and Dad has upgraded my computer to Windows 2000 Professional, I feel as if I am finally advanced enough that I can start doing things with my computer again. I still hanker for a laptop, but I was talking it over with my father and I think I just want a fresh start. I want to obliterate all the clutter off my computer and start over again with something empty and blank.

"Start over again" seems to almost be my buzzwords for the fall semester, since it's my first official semester as a non-Fashion major. Now I'm a business girl, and all the classes I've been doing best in have been related to that major. As common as business may be, it seems to be a major far better suited to me than fashion. How strange it seems that after all that struggle for creative control, my major's the most basic of all.

Whatever. Just gotta get the four year degree so I can be DONE DONE DONE DONE with school.

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