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From a distance it looks so peaceful...

Yume: Davy and I are talking but no words come out of our mouths. We communicate through what we show each other with out hands and our abilities to create. Together we're weaving a castle in the air, built of singing stars and dancing blades of grass. Davy asks who will reside in our palace. I suggest broken pieces of our hearts. He replies that our hearts can not be broken, for they are beyond the reach of others and protected. I smile and touch his chest, and feel my heart beating inside.
Work was well-paced today. It was never slow enough that I could kick back and have a long conversation with someone, so I didn't bother to try. I just wrote letters when there were no customers.
Kris dropped by late in the day, and we discussed relationships. We've both only recently been dropped into our first major relationship, and she's really enjoying it. She keeps trying to get us to double-date, but our boyfriends' schedules are very incompatible. Too bad - Sailor and Sean would get along great. He and Kris are such an adorable couple. They'll last a long time.
When I came home I had a ton of email to answer, including several notes from japan-guide. Most of the messages were trite and rather dull, but a couple sounded fun so I emailed them back. One boy, Tetsu, was really chatty and just bought Foo Fighter tickets. I am overflowing with envy about that. :P He seems to be a really fun guy, tho', and his English is awesome because he's at school in San Francisco.
The best things in life are free, but you can save them for the birds and bees. Now give me money. That's what I want. It's what I want; yeah, that's what I want. Your loving gives me a thrill - but your loving don't pay my bills.
Random conversation:
Bobbi: So why don't you and Kris hang out as much anymore?
Me: Well, our schedules are always conflicting. The only times we're both off is Friday and Saturday afternoons. Friday's reserved by Kris' boy, and Saturday I'm usually sleeping or studying.
Bobbi: You two both have steady boyfriends now?
Me: Yeah.
Bobbi: You see them often?
Me: Naw, mine lives out in the boonies somewhere. Felton or Schmelton or something like that.
Bobbi: Good. That's the best kind of boyfriend to have. A boyfriend that's far away.

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