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14 November 2006 @ 03:02 pm
Back problems (again?)  
Ouch, my back. For the past week and a half, maybe two weeks now, my lower back has been hurtin'. I keep thinking I may have strained it while lifting something heavy, but I can't remember lifting any heavy boxes in the past week. Weird. It doesn't hurt when I bend over to, say, touch my toes. I can straighten back up again with no problem. It tends to ache more when I stand up from a seated position, like a chair. It feels like something is pinching down on the muscles around my spine.

I wonder how long I can do nothing about it. Kendrick recommended a certain exercise but it hasn't helped much. I think I have a pilates DVD somewhere specifically for back trouble; I don't think it was terribly effective in the past however.
brokenliich on November 17th, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)
first off, minor things can cause back upset. just picking up light things the wrong way can cause strain. my sister threw her back out bending down to touch her toes. she made a weird twitch when coming back up and ended up grounded for a week (the first few days she had to crawl if she wanted to go anywhere).

second, GO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!! speaking from someone with way too much experience in this department at such a young age, GO. make your back better now and you won't end up spending weeks off of sick and yummy vacation time lying in bed b/c your back is so screwed up. -_- really, i hate taking time off work b/c i can't move. that is SO not fun!!! so, GOOOOOOOOOO....
plus, chiropractors make your back feel so nice. get some massage therapy in there, too. so nice.
seriously, tho. take care of your back now and it will still be happy and strong when you're old.