Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dear God, please help me restrain my temper and foster understanding and empathy.

I know that people working retail generally aren't the brightest stars in the sky, or the most colorful crayons in the box. I also understand that they frequently have multiple commitments - school, another job, etc. - so excelling at Bath & Body Works is also not at the top of their list.

Incompetence is reaching a new low this holiday season. I've got girls who won't talk to customers and girls who can't ring transactions properly. Candice tells me it's a matter of coaching, but that theory doesn't seem to be playing out. When I ask them questions, they have a vague idea about the promotions, so I have to send them back to read again. They come back out ten minutes later and can regurgitate the information to me, but apparently not to the customers since all they do is stand around with a bag in hand.
None of the girls have any retention on body product names or features. We train them for eight hours before sending them out on the sales floor for the first time - sure, it's a lot of information to absorb but you'd think they'd retain something. 'What is the Aromatherapy collection?' they ask, never mind that they filled out a worksheet about the collection and each item in it has AROMATHERAPY plastered on the label.

I wish I was in charge of hiring and scheduling so that I could say things like, "Y'know, we do rank associates by performance, so if you want more hours you'll have to step it up a bit." Then the lame associates would quit for lack of work and the lazy ones would be a little more motivated.
Instead, all I can do is glare and encourage and run them through the same dog-and-pony hoop show until they regurgitate open-ended questions to every body they encounter or drive me mad and I lose my temper and get myself fired for beating an associate with the mop.

It could happen.

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