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Lips zoom in, love zooms out.

Yume: He keeps trying to kiss me, but every time he comes close enough that I can feel his breath he pulls away and says he can't, because one more kiss will send him head over heels. But as we stand with the stars above and below he keeps on trying, and I'll never know if he doesn't want to love and lose, or just never love a girl like me at all.

Always tired - that's me, and I dislike it. It really affects my driving, because I'm not at full attention, and it ruins my concentration on everything else. Everything's fuzzy around the edges, from my vision to the conversations everyone around me has.
School is so routine. It has ceased to be novel or amusing. I should like to drop out, but of course that isn't allowed. I want to take fashion courses, but naturally they aren't offered. Oh well - after spring quarter I can transfer to West Valley for those classes. Or, I'll take the bare minimum of classes at DeAnza and spend the rest of my time at West Valley taking fashion. That might be preferable - now that I've gotten comfortable at DeAnza I don't really want to uproot myself completely. It always feels like there isn't any time - not for what I want to do. No time to paint, no time to write...even when there's an extra hour, I'm so fatigued that I can't concentrate enough to be creative anymore. Pfft. Waaaaah, waaaaah. Feel sorry for me! Just kidding - I really hate whining on the screen, because it just doesn't have the same screechy, annoying effect it does in person.
I brought Bandaid a pink piggie cookie today! And Kitty got an angelfish. I had a whale, too, but it went to Ted because it was his birthday. I still have a buffalo cookie somewhere - that's only a joke, tho'. I don't know if I'll be able to eat it - it's just too cool-looking.

I know I keep you amused, but I feel I'm being used. Oh, Maggie - I couldn't have tried any more. You led me away from home just to save you from being alone. You stole my heart and that's what really hurts.

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