Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Thanksgiving 2006

On Sunday night my family did our annual Thanksgiving; my parents will be in Southern California with my Grandpa on Thursday but Kendrick and I will stay here because we work Black Friday. So we've already done our turkey dinner. Here's the photos:

Mommy and Auntie Tanya

Food. We did things buffet-style this year, with all the grub in the kitchen and the dining room filled with chairs.

Uncle Tom goofing around with his camera and a new 'tupperware' accessory to help diffuse the flash. Kero's beneath him (look how long her hair has gotten!)

Everyone waiting around before we can eat. The woman in the front is a cousin of my mother's named Debbie, and that boy is her son Tyler. Nice kid, very polite and extremely quiet. I think there are more words in this paragraph than came out of his mouth the entire night. He mostly talked at the urging of Po-po. Kenny's behind him, and Kero and I were not paying attention and had NO IDEA there was a photo happening.

That's it. There weren't too many photos, especially glorious photos of the turkey or anything like that.

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