Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Night at the Museum

I have a special soft spot in my heart for Ben Stiller that has lead me to watch and adore movies that I'm pretty sure, had they contained any other actor, I would not have enjoyed half as much. (I am thinking of Mystery Men, Meet the Parents, and especially Zoolander. Although I am pretty sure I would have still loved Zoolander, because that movie is great in a very special makes-me-giddy way. ) The only thing better than Mr. Stiller is Stiller + Wilson. Yes, Owen-F'ed-Nose-Wilson. Seanie is totally gay for him, and even I have to admit that certain Stiller-less movies, like Wedding Crashers and Shanghai Noon, are pretty funny. (But not The Big Bounce, which I just watched the other day and found boring.)

So Stiller + Wilson in Night of the Museum was quite amusing, especially when tossing in Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke and even Mickey Rooney, who I did not realize was still alive 'til this movie was made. It's a kid's movie, to be sure, but it's one I'd let my kids watch. If I had kids. Which I do not.
Also, someone has to tell me where I've seen Steve Coogan before, because I recognize his face but haven't seen any of his recent IMDB entries.
Anyway, funny movie. Night at the Museum isn't a good movie, by any means. The plot is contrived and predictable, but it's also clear that everyone's having fun and enjoying themselves in their roles, and after all who doesn't secretly believe that the museum displays really do come to life at night?
Tags: ben stiller, movies, museum

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