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Guys suck, but this one sucks less than others.

Yume: I slept through it.
So at work today, Jose (decorator) was working on fish cookies. They were white chocolate, and were shaped like angelfish. They had pretty blue and white stripes, and little chocolate eyes staring up at you. He was starting to work on whales when I left around nine. I hope they're blue, too. I learned a great little song when I was about eight that had a line that went
Three little whales,
all dressed in blue,
trying to get to Heaven in a blue Subaru
But the Subaru broke and down they all fell
and yeah. Blue whales are so awesome.
Boys, boys - be my boy! I wanna feel your body. Boys, boys - be my boy! Tonight I'm ready, honey. Boys, boys - by my boy! I wanna be your lover my lover boy!
My room was clean, so after school I brought the boyfriend home to show it off. Whee. He had a headache, tho', so no Dance Dance Revolution. Sadness. But we did manage to have some fun, anyway. ^_~ He says Wednesday I'm gonna hafta meet his friends. Merp. Kowai. I'll be on display, and they'll all be watching to see if I do anything stupid - and believe me, I will. I am a champion of terrible first impressions. Remember when I first met Mike and I spilled hot chocolate all over Tu-Uynh's car? That was a true Samchan moment.
Everyone was online tonight. I was chatting with ten people at once, which for a multi-tasking-loser like me was hard*hard*hard. But I think I did OK, overall...but a lot of people who normally say goodnight to me didn't, so maybe not.

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