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She's a hot one ~ a jalepena

Yume: Bandaid and I are driving, and we take a wrong left onto Evergreen Terrance. Since we're lost, we pull up beside a one-story ranch-style house and get out to ask directions. Before we realize, we're pulled into a candlelight vigil that's being held on the lawn for Laci Peterson. We break free and return to our trip - we're going to a little inn to stay at while we watch a ballet. The inn turns out to be a series of rambling bungalows - they look like hobbit homes outside and Denny's within. We drop off our stuff - our room, 78, is being shared with an African-American family. Before we depart, the little girl informs us that one of the words on the crossword, "brownstone" is 'broken.' We thank her and leave.
The ballet is very beautiful and delicate. The dancers are all wearing black, full-bodied leotards with scarves draped about them. When the ballet is completed, the Artistic Director (who turns out to be Yoshimoto, one of the principle dancers in SJSV's dance troupe) comes out and asks, "Do you think this particular segment should have been danced like this or like this?" and demonstrates. It is strange that the Director should be so concerned with the opinions of people like us. Kathy, who has suddenly materialized beside us, talks with him for a few minutes. J.J., for who some twisted reason was a dancer, suddenly appears and I have to leave for class before she can talk to me.
I run over to DeAnza (conveniently, it's across the street from the Performing Arts Center) and slide into class. We're doing a report and have to research some articles online. I use the teacher's laptop, and since there aren't enough chairs I end up sitting on his lap. While I'm typing he's playing with my hair and kissing the back of my neck and talking about flowery stuff, but I'm not paying attention because I'm trying to weigh the costs and benefits of a republic system such as the one we've currently got set up. Suddenly, I turn around and remind the teacher we've got to take a test. He laughs and says "Don't worry about that! You'll get an A." Meanwhile, all the students are staring. I get up and he hands out the tests. After I finish and hand the scantron in, he winks and says, "I'll see you after school."

That was a screamer, that dream. I had to rip myself out of it. I'll never joke around about seducing my Econ. teacher again; it just isn't funny in pseudo-life! Fortunately, I awoke right at seven without the aid of one of my alarms. So I have to thank the dream for that, at least.
It's another slow day at the bakery. After my bosses took off around ten, I had the place to myself and I finished all my tasks in an hour. I chatted to Bandaid for a while, and then the boyfriend, but overall I spent the time alone, doodling and/or helping customers. When I got home I began to systematically destroy the thorough cleaning I gave my room just yesterday. I really can't keep it tidy. It's a disaster again, with two hurricanes and a tornado whipping papers everywhere. And here I wanted to show off how great it looked, too.
You know she has a mind. She has an attitude, and she likes her space and her solitude. She'll tease you or please you - if she's feeling good - or burn you, like you knew she would. When she smiles it's like the sun shining on your face...pulling and stretching her leather and lace.

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