Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lush's Grand Opening Party

So the Grand Opening Party at LUSH Tuesday night was killer. We had so many people in the store that it was literally impossible to get from one side of the store to the other in less than a minute - and the store is twenty feet across, tops - and the line snaked around the jellies table, deodorant stand (laden with glasses of sparkling cider for the evening) and massage bar fixture nearly fifteen people long at all times. We ran out of shopping baskets, and we have an obscene amount - thirty or forty I'd guess. It was like being crammed into a box of sardines.

I was cutting soap most of the night, so I didn't socialize much. Just chop! chop! chop! Honestly though, I think I preferred it that way. The one downside is associates would bring me random chunks of soap and say "Cut this much" but the pieces they'd bring were too small to get a display piece out (our display pieces have to be $10 and up) of the leftover, so we had tons of undersized soap pieces. We'll probably just wrap them up for the impulse bowl, but it is still annoying.

The pace was so frenetic that I couldn't keep up while wrapping the soaps in wax paper. Most of the customers ended up getting their soap bagged rather than the proper wrap; hope Karen (one of our company's CEOs) didn't mind too much. There just wasn't enough time to wrap and slice, but I still felt like the visuals of th store were compromised, and that sucked.

But fun! Fun! Fun and fast-paced! We sold so much product (but only half of our projection for the night, which is not so good - we have tons of leftover stock now) and the customers were all so sweet. It was a great chance to see regular forumites, like Jill and Jen (who I hadn't seen in several years, but she still recognized me. She's shorter than I remembered though) and tons of other people. Kitty and Jeannie, and my mom and my brother, also dropped by to visit me. Seanie too!

Hopefully someone got photos - it'd be great to show off my co-workers and the new store when it was decked for "Happy New Year, Happy New Store!"
Tags: lush

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