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So Happy Valentine's Day!

Archeologists find couple in 6,000 year old final embrace

Thu Feb 8, 2:44 PM ET

ROME (AFP) - Archaeologists in Italy have found the remains of a couple believed to have been enterred 6,000 years ago, locked in a final embrace.

The well-preserved skeletons were discovered facing each other, their arms entwined, during excavation work in an industrial zone of the northern city of Mantua.

"We found these two individuals entwined in a neolithic burial chamber," the lead archeologist Elena Menotti told AFP.

"We believe them to be a man and a woman, DNA tests should be able to clear that up in a few months. From first observations, they were young because their dentition is complete and shows little signs of wear," she said.

"Everybody obviously wants to know why they were buried in an embrace like that. I think that it's a sign of a great love which has transcended time.

"They obviously had strong feelings for each other," she said.

Menotti said the find was unlikely to be an example of widow sacrifice, a practice whereby women were sometimes buried along with the remains of their naturally-deceased husband.

"In such 'widow sacrifices' the women is buried alongside her husband and not in his arms."

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