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I think I'm lacking paranoia today.

Yume: I'm lying on my stomach, one arm protecting my face and the other tangled in my hair. Warmth spreads over me as the sun comes out from behind a cloud. The green grass beneath me blows in the slightest breezes, rustling and whistling. The sunlight washes over me, massaging and caressing with gentle fingers. Even though the sky stretches above in brightest blue, stars twinkle and wink. Not a cloud mars the color of the sparkling dome above me.

I woke up to the sounds of my father eating breakfast. I listened for a while before rolling over to the heating grate and returning to slumber. A few hours later, I drove up to school, grabbed Sailor, and flitted downtown to meet Danny. Unfortunately, I'd conveniently forgotten how badly parking sucks downtown and ended up going around and around downtown before parking several blocks away from SJSU, in the parking lot for the train station. (It's very cheap, though – only $1.50 for 24 hours! There must've been a concert of some sort happening that night, though, because when I came back all the public parking had signs up that said "Arena Parking - $13.00.") Sailor couldn't stay and play DDR with Danny and I, but he walked down to SJSU with me.

I was an hour and a half late by the time I finally met up with Danny – but tragically, he's used to it. He wasn't even mad! When I snuck up behind him, he was playing some fighting game, but when I said "Boo!" he turned and waved and completely forgot about his game. The guy who'd been teaching him moves dove in and took over the controls for him. We played a few rounds of air hockey, and got in line for DDR. The guy who'd been helping Danny earlier came over and introduced himself as Jun. Here's where it got weird – he friggin' looks like Bandaid's boyfriend Christian. It's scary! If Christian were taller and a little leaner, they'd be doubles. Now that I think about it, Bandaid said Christian had a cousin named Jun...I wonder...

So he was really nice and didn't laugh too hard when I showed off how much I suck at DDR. He even offered a friendly pointer or two. Yay! The people at SJSU are really friendly – a group of kids had taken up half the floor and were drawing in notebooks. I scribbled something off for Danny – we always exchange at least one drawing when we meet up – and two other girls asked me to draw something for them, too. Yay again!

After a couple of hours, though, I had to go back to Donatello (I didn't fancy walking back to him in the dark, and it was getting chilly and I'd left my jacket in the back seat.) so Danny and I parted ways. He had a three-hour commute on the bus ahead of him – I'd give him a lift, but I don't have that kind of gas. Right before we split, my mom called and when she heard I had to walk back to my car, she told Danny he should be a gentleman and walk me to my car. Right after I hung up I told him to ignore her, so he continued to his bus stop instead of walking with me the rest of the way. Several hours after I got home, around eight o'clock, he called to make sure I made it home because he'd "never forgive himself if something happened to me." I started busting up – my mom's paranoia is contagious! I told him he shouldn't worry about it, since my other guy friends, my boyfriend, or even my bloody father do.

Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double. So come on and let me know – this indecision's bugging me. If you don't want me, set me free. Exactly who am I supposed to be? Don't you know which clothes even fit me? So come on and let me know – should I cool it or should I blow?

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