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19 March 2007 @ 07:59 pm
Lush Interview  
Well, I totally bombed the MIT interview. Jen Bennet is very intense; she reminds me of Julee, a former manager at Bath & Body Works. I got to work at 9:30 this morning, ready to rock and roll, but Jen didn't interview me 'til nearly 5 because of some poor scheduling. (My shift had been scheduled to end at 3:30, and I didn't leave until three hours later!)

The first thing that came up was my employment at Bath & Body Works; Jen wanted to know why I was still working there. I told her that if I got the MIT position I'd quit but otherwise I don't get enough hours. That's not really true - I work plenty - but I like my job at B&BW and I don't think it's a conflict of interests if I'm only a key holder at Lush, especially now that I don't work the sales floor at B&BW.

I screwed up on two major points during the interview.
1. Jen wanted me to tell her the five things store managers are in charge of. Because it is the most blindingly obvious, I naturally did not think to say "Drive sales." So I had all sorts of answers except that one. Oops. It was alluded to in my response, like "Well, the store manager needs to motivate the team to work their hardest and coach them on selling" but I didn't actually say it. Oops.

2. I didn't remember who Wendy was. I should have researched the Lush higher-ups more. I know who a bunch of people are, but I guess I didn't know enough about the retail management team.

The interview lasted over an hour, and I was very squirmy throughout. I hate having to sit still for long periods of time, and having to sit on a hard stool in our stockroom is even worse.

Well, fingers crossed! If Danyelle gets the position I will be perfectly happy, to be honest. I'd like to be MIT and all, but I'd also like to just focus on school and work less. I mean, I ain't gettin' any younger here...
oilofjoyoilofjoy on March 20th, 2007 07:33 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear you didn't feel the interview went very well. I do the exact same thing when I'm interviewing, go on and on about something and as soon as it's over, remember what I could/should have said. In my experience (2 months worth of it last yr) the way some people do their interview processing makes you feel so belittled!

Anyway, good luck, and I hope whatever you want to come out of it happens. ^__^