Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bits and pieces

Note to flameelf: I should be mailing your samples out to you later this week. I'll shoot you my address next time I'm in Gmail.


Last night's floorset at Bath & Body Works wasn't too bad. Lisa exiled me to the stock room, either as a punishment for refusing to work the sales floor, or because no one else can be trusted to work without any supervision for six hours. I suppose it might also have been because I have natural tendencies towards organizational patterns and I like cleaning up the stock room, but that just doesn't sound right. At any rate, while tables were being stripped and cleaned and new flip-flop chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, I stayed in the back room, in solitary, and cleaned up three months' worth of negligence and sloppiness.

Everyone has a calling.


Gone With The Wind is one of the hardest books to put down. Even though I've seen the movie, I just get completely sucked into Scarlett O'Hara's world. She's just married Frank Kennedy; I cannot wait until Rhett re-appears. Rhett Butler is the best jerk ever; if only he were real he would be the perfect man for Jeannie. Love the book. Love it love it.


Lush was pretty slow this morning so I got sent home early. It was great. I am so tired of working all the time and I haven't forgiven the fact that I got a grey hair last month. Part of me just wants to throw up my hands and declare, "Screw the MIT position!" so that I can go down to working twenty hours a week instead of nearly forty. But the rest of me is not a quitter and won't permit the white flag to be mounted.


Does anyone have any recommendations for 'intro' books to Judaism? I want to learn more about the religion, since it's the parent of Christianity, and it would be interesting to know what aspects have been changed by the Church.
Specifically, I'm wondering about why we have Church on Sunday mornings instead of the Sabbath, which I thought was Saturdays in traditional synagogues - right? I know I can just Google this and probably will the minute I finish typing this journal entry, but it's still something I'm pondering a lot lately.

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