Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Tea at Lupicia

A Lupicia opened up in Valley Fair last Thursday, and after work I drifted over to check it out.

It is so much nicer than Teavana! The staff was really helpful and sweet, and answered my stupid questions, like " what sizes do the teas come in?" (For some reason, the folks at Teavana always look at me as if I'm insane for asking, which is why I NEVER go there tho' they've been in Valley Fair for years now.) The teas are laid out in easy view, so you can smell the different tea samples before requesting the bags you'd like to purchase. They only had one white tea, but because it's springtime they had three sakura teas (two green and a black) that were absolutely irresistible.

They don't offer drinks like Teavana does, but they will brew small cups if there's a flavor you want to try. That was fun - I tried a Marron Chocolate that was to die for (I ended up buying it!) and a Champagne Rose. In addition to the loose teas, they have a selection of best-sellers in tea bags, honey & other sweeteners, and a selection of tea wares.

The sales associates were so sweet; I ended up inviting them to our next Lush party on Saturday. One girl was excited to find out there was a Lush in Valley Fair - she'd been driving all the way down to Carmel to get our goods :) The other associate hadn't heard of us before, but when I left she was being told all about it, so I'm sure we'll see her on Saturday too.

(I should really make a LJ Userpic for tea. Yum.)
Tags: tea, valley fair

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