Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


I just finished watching The Saddest Music in the World,, one of those bizarre and artsy films that makes no sense but is an absolute delight anyway. The plot is ludicrous (a contest during the Depression to find the saddest music in the world? In Manitoba? Sponsored by a beer company? Run by a woman with glass legs filled with beer?) and can be difficult to follow. If you were able to keep track of the plot in PotC III you should be fine, but if that was too difficult you would hate Saddest Music. The visuals borrow heavily from old silent movies; were it not for the garish displays of color in two or three scenes you'd think it was vintage material. But then, out of nowhere, colors never found even in Technicolor splash across the black and white screen, and you're reminded that the movie is quite recent. (2004 according to the Netflix sleeve.)

Great for fans of Amelie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (if anyone was a fan of that...but you gotta admit, it was a good lookin' movie, but it was still BAD) or noir films in general. (Noir is according to my brother. I could not, technically, tell you what "noir" is.)


Also, the Discovery Channel store is going out of business so yesterday I bought the first season of Mythbusters (yay!) and that Animal Planet special Dragons!:Myth Made Real. I watched Dragons! last night and man, it was cool. Everyone should see that, too.

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