Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Forever 21 - good or bad?

Remember that book Freedom of Simplicity I mentioned back in May? I finally finished it, and I still have to recommend it to just about everybody.

A chapter that's had a pretty big impact on me was a chapter on corporate responsibility. It's made me very self-conscious about everything I buy. I want to make sure that the things I purchase funnel money back into causes I care about, whether it be simply feeding the employees of a company (family owned restaurant) or to upholding standards beyond making money (LUSH and its beliefs of fresh product with ingredients that work, minimal environment impact, and desire to keep everything handmade, thus providing more jobs to the local economy).
Sometimes a conflict comes up. Should I buy clothes from Forever 21? The owners are Christian and many of the garments are made here in California, so buying from them supports the state economy and ensures there's less damage to the environment because of California's strict laws. On the other hand, the clothing is often poorly made so it won't "last" and it's worse for the environment, wasteful in a different way. There have also been calls for boycott because of withholding back pay to workers in the factory, but from what I've read it looks like Forever 21 has since settled these suits. So what is the right call?

See? I never used to think about these things? But that's the sort of thinking Freedom of Simplicity has encouraged in me. Hooray for being a slightly more conscientious person!

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