Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It was all you expected. ALL OF IT.

Last night my family went out to watch The Simpsons movie. For some family, this is a common event, but for the Houghs it's pretty epic. My father hates movie theatres; the last time he went to one was to see A Prairie Home Companion (he listens to the radio show every Sunday, like clockwork) and before that it was A Midsummer Night's Dream and that was back in 1999. But years of watching the Simpsons over the shoulders of Kenny and I have worn into my father a strange affection for the show, so when he heard about the movie he actually suggested we go.

The animation was amazing. I mean, as Homer says you can see the characters at home on the TV for free, but there's something fantastic about everyone on the big screen, looking extremely crisp and well-animated. Everything moves smoother, and there's a greater emphasis on shading and light contrast. It was really fun to see the difference, because there's so much more the animation department can do with the extra budget and time while working on a movie. It's totally worth going if you're a Simpsons fan.

Earlier in the day I went to the Mystery Spot with Kitty, Bandaid and Kero. The major lesson learned was if you want to go, GO EARLY because we had to park about a half mile away, and since there isn't a sidewalk you've got to walk alongside a winding street and jump in the bushes every time a car comes by. If you're extra-lucky there will be a hour-and-forty-five-minute wait from the time you pay for your tickets to the time you go on the tour. So Bandaid and I walked back to the car, got the food our, and carried it back to the Spot where Kero and Kitty were waiting to eat. That was great for eating up the nearly-two-hour wait, but man, I was sweaty and gross afterwards.

I'd never been to the Spot before, so it was interesting. A lot of the 'special effects' must be due to the wacky architecture of the Mystery Spot Cabin, which is built at crazy angles so that perspective goes completely out of whack. Unfortunately since it was busy we weren't given much time to 'try out' the different effects of the Cabin, like standing on the wall or hanging at an angle. But it's only a five-dollar admission, and there are definitely worse ways to kill an afternoon.
I am sorry we didn't make it to the beach tho'. That had originally been part of the plan - go to the Spot and then head out to the beach - but we got started too late and had to head home too early. Depressing. It was the perfect weather, too.

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