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24 August 2007 @ 10:20 pm
New Dawn On Rocky Ridge  
So when I was a child I was a huge fan of the Little House on the Prarie book series. Laura Ingalls Wilder had the coolest life, and I wouldn't have minded being just like her and working hard all day if that meant that I could see real Indians and travel the country. Her Ma was always sweet and wise and her Pa was the manliest man ever who could survive a blizzard, negotiate with Indians, save the family from drowning in a rapidly rising river and walk thousands of miles to work in another man's fields, just to feed his family. Chuck Norris has nothing on Pa.

So, while I was in junior high Roger Lea MacBride started publishing the sequel series focusing on Laura's daughter, Rose. I was pretty good about reading that for a year or two - until the third or fourth volume came out - and then forgot about the series until I rediscovered it sometime last year. I've been working on getting the rest of it through Bookmooch and Paperbackswap.

So I was reading the sixth book in the series, when Rose is about fifteen years old, and just finished the chapter where Pa Ingalls is dying. It made me cry a bit, and at first I was embarrassed about it because come on I'm how old now? Crying over a character in a book? (Although I do that a lot. I'm a wimp, alright?) But then my brain countered with Well, he's not just a character in a book because PA INGALLS WAS A REAL AMERICAN HERO ON THE FRONTIER, YA'LL which my devil advocate-self cheerfully countered with the fact that Laura Ingalls Wilder died in 1957 so I'm a little late in my grief.
After some more thought I decided that it was OK to be sad because Pa was one of those childhood hero types, that always seemed so strong and reliable. The fact that he was a real person who did all those brave things made him all the more amazing. So since he was someone I admired then it's OK to feel sad when reading about his last illness and death, especially since a lot of the sorrow comes from Laura's mourning for the loss of her father. It's always sad when a daughter loses her father, right?

So that's my silly story of the night. To balance it out maybe I'll write about trade deficients next time.
~ * flurr sprite * ~nkicroft on August 26th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
i remember reading the original series thinking that it KICKED ASS... but then i read the first four years or whatever it was called and it just wasn't the same :(