Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New management! Hooray!

We finally got our new manager in today at Lush. (That makes it sound as if she came in a box that we ordered from corporate, like a Barbie doll. As if she was twistie-tied to cardboard with a plastic smile on her face, and tucked away behind a plastic screen in a pink cardboard box.)

Her name is J and she seems nice. I was reviewing with her for most of my shift, going over what we've been up to in the store, what has been kept up and what needs to be revised. She was pleased with how clean the store is (good sign, seeing as we spend the second half of last night's meeting SCRUBBING the place down with homemade cleansers) and that we had our parties already planned for September, and the blasts (email invitations) had already been sent out. Our visuals were sadly lacking and our organizational skills need some work, but we already know that.

If I get that raise I want and am left to be the Party Captain/Forum Liason and in charge of the Communications binder, that is all I want. It'd be nice to keep doing the schedule too, but that's definitely the manager's domain so I know I won't be doing it much longer.

There's a lot of upward mobility potential at Bath & Body Works if I wanna swing back to the Limited Corporation. Decisions, decisions...

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