Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Cleaning up stinky books.

So I've managed to acquire a pile of 5-6 books that all smell of smoke, because they've come from a smoker's house or the owner knew a smoker who breathed on the book or whatever the justified reason for the stench is. I'm now trying to de-scent the books, with little success.

The first suggestion I heard was using dryer sheets, but all that does is mix the notes of baby powder with stale smoke to make a pungent perfume that wafts up at awkward moments. Trucker-baby-diapers, I'd call it, or maybe smoky-bar-baby. At any rate, it isn't helping the problem any.

Sunshine's supposed to help, so I have taken some of the books outside to soak up some rays. I'm noting any difference from that.

So now I'm on to kitty litter. Supposedly, this is great for removing fragrance and less messy than baking soda, which would be my final resort.
But I haven't a kitty.

Who do I know with a kitty that can give me a cup of kitty litter?

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