Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

That was a short-lived addition.

So September 30th will be J's last day. That's right, our shiny new manager lasted exactly one month. She blew in like a breeze with many promises for better times; I'm curious to see what will be fulfilled in the days she has left.

We will be having reviews on Friday. I am curious to see where that will go, as our raises will be determined by the review results. What can J say about me? We only worked together a handful of times. Will the raises be like the annual merit raises at my other jobs, where the amounts come in the form of quarters and dimes? If that's the case then I will be gone. I like Lush but I like my free time more.
Right now all our sales associates are making $8.00. Come January that will be minimum wage. That is nothing. Teavana starts their staff at $9.50, I hear. Valley Fair's average starting rate for sales associates runs between $8.50 and $10.50. I currently make $10. (I was supposed to get an extra $1 or $2 while we had no store manager for my extra work, but of course that paperwork was never filed.) There is a rumor that a sales associate transferring in from another store will be getting fifty cents more than me. As a sales associate. I am a senior keyholder. That. Is. Not. Cool.
So to me, this review (with our pay raises being determined by our regional manager, who lives in Arizona and may not have the greatest grasp on Bay Area living costs) is pretty critical.

My gut instinct is that I will not get what I want with this review, so I have started to making alternate plans. B&BW has lost the entire management team at Oakridge, so I'm seeing if they could use another sales lead. Renee, my old manager, thinks I should as for $15/$16 and that I'll probably get it.

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