Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dear Crazy Lady Who Knows More Than Anybody Else Ever about Lush EVER because she's Canadian and it started in Canada, WHERE SHE'S FROM:

Massage bars are not soaps.
Solid perfumes are not lip balms. Neither are temple balms. They taste gross for a reason.
Bubble bars work a lot better if you crumble them into running water.
Shampoo bars are, in fact, designed for hair.
Fuwari is not a soap.

I would have been delighted to inform you of any of these facts, but unfortunately you cut me off with "I KNOW MORE ABOUT LUSH THAN YOU" and "LUSH IS CANADIAN, LIKE ME" or just ignore me.

I also apologize for my delayed response to the one question you did ask me. I thought you were making some sort of sad joke. No, Fresh Face Masks are not designed to go into the bath tub. Since the directions are printed on top of the pot I'm not sure where that idea came from. Also, I hope you didn't wait too long before popping it in the bathtub, because it does need to be refrigerated.


P.S. Lush is from the UK, not Canada!

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