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Mythbusters Live was so cool!

Note One: Adam is a jerk.
Note Two: Jamie is a jerk.
Note Three: Together, they are a pair of fantastic, hilarious jerks.

It opened with one of DeAnza's chemistry professors - I believe his name was David Gray - asking the Busters some basic, obligatory questions like the dreaded "So tell us about yourself..." and "So how did you two meet?" Jamie made a point of mentioning during his answers for two different questions that he and Adam don't like each other, which I thought was strange. Whether or not they like each other isn't a big concern for me, I just thought it odd that he vocalized it. It was pretty interesting to hear more about the men's backgrounds and what they'd been doing before becoming Mythbusters.

Adam was a frenetic, frantic ball of energy. He would jump out of his chair and then sit back down, gesture wildly and interrupt Jamie or Professor Gray in his eagerness to speak. A.D.D. to the max! And Jamie certainly was his polar opposite, calmly sitting in his chair and rarely raising his voice. Just like TV.

After this interview with Professor Gray we were shown a deleted scene from the Facts about Flatulence episode, where Adam attempted to light his own flatus. (Should I spoil whether or not he succeeds? Meh. Google it.) Then the floor was opened to questions.

I was surprised by how many children were in the audience. Since the show airs at 9 pm, which was my bedtime when I was small, I thought surely there wouldn't be that many but there were TONS. They all came clamoring out of the audience to one of two podiums, set up on opposite sides of the room, so that they could ask questions.
Unfortunately, children are horrible listeners, so we were subject to about fifteen variations of the following questions:
- What's the best myth?
- What's the most exciting/dangerous/expensive myth?
At one point Adam specifically requested "NO more!" on these questions, but they kept coming anyway. People kept also asking two or more questions, so eventually Jamie had to put a limit of a single question so they could try to talk to everyone.

Great Q-&-A moments:
- Some kid who was either really young or developmentally-disabled said "" or something similar. Big pauses between words. Adam sort of smiled and said, "That's great!" or some small comment and moved on to the next person. The kid then interrupted to continue "How...does...a...kid...become...a...Mythbuster?"
Adam replied, "He can't!" and moved on. Earlier in the interviews he had said multiple times that kids should not be duplicating ANY of the things the Mythbusters do, but still. Way to stomp on some kid's dream.
- There was a really odd moment when a boy asked Jamie about "that robot that wasn't the one in the episode but another one" and Jamie just looked really, really confused. I think he ended up saying something to the effect of "There's a lot of robots in the shop" but clearly he and Adam had no idea what the kid was referring to.
- After the one-question limit was imposed, a (classic-geek) kid asked told them gas would be more flammable if the car engine was turned on (in reference to one of the episodes, I didn't catch which specific one he was referring to) and Adam made some sort of general answer. The kid started to nitpick about various points of other early episodes (like the Tree Cannon) and seemed ready to launch into a play-by-play dissection of everything the Mythbusters had done wrong. Adam had to cut him off with a "Everyone gets one question, and that was three. Next!"

Interesting tidbits:
- They mentioned that there is a 2nd Pirates Special coming up (hooray!), and a Bond-themed espiode.
- They're going to tackle the Moon-Landing-As-A-Hoax myth. I can't wait for that one!
- Scottie Chapman left the show for personal reasons. Without being too specific it was revealed that she didn't care for the way television production interfered with her work. She'd rather do a project straight through than start, stop and explain, stop and do it again from another angle, etc. etc. etc. Obviously she's still around (if you didn't see last Wednesday's episode she helped out with the Supersize Myth special.) and bears no ill will toward the show.

At the end they showed a blooper reel. A small boy had dressed up as Jamie (complete with beret and moustache - he was ADORABLE!!!) got to sit up on the stage with the Mythbusters while it was playing.

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