Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Quick Hits

1. On Sunday we did a family Thanksgiving. It was a small gathering: Mom, Dad, Kenny, me, Popo, Uncle Tom, Auntie Tanya, Seanie. Best dish was definitely the chow mein that we usually use to stuff the turkey. It didn't actually make it into the turkey this year, but it was still delicious.

2. Monday my store manager's father passed away, so she took the rest of the week off. My shifts on (Black) Friday and Saturday were extended as a result.

3. Tuesday my parents left for Southern California so that they could spend Thanksgiving with my grandfather.

4. Wednesday was boring. I think Seanie and I just watched a lot of TV.

5. Thursday I went up to Seanie's house for Thanksgiving. His brother and his uncle tried to teach me to play pool, but I have yet to actually hit the ball into a hole pocket. The family play with complicated rules! Seanie's mom made so much food, but there were tons of people to eat it. Mom, Dad, three brothers and their girlfriends/wives, Uncle, Aunt, and Rhi's parents. I don't think my family's ever had 12 people at a Thanksgiving... Best dish was the candied yams that Rhi's family brought; they were sweet and tasted like they'd been carmelized.

6. Black Friday. It sucked. It was slow; we didn't make nearly as much money as we were projected, but I suspect that the projection a little too hopeful and not well-grounded in facts. I closed. We left the store around 10:30 pm.

7. I opened the store at 8:30 am, which was rough after closing. It was slow in the morning but it picked up in the afternoon as I left. I hope we did well. We are not trending towards bonus and that is bad news. I hate the new bonus system that started this month; there are no individual bonuses so if even one member of the team slacks off we all get punished for it.

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