Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Selling books on

So two Mondays ago a man was giving away boxes of books on Freecycle and I took them, so I ended up with eight boxes of assorted used books. I've been sorting through them and pulled out the ones most likely to sell on Amazon. I've also taken the books up to Bookbuyers in Mountain View and traded many of them in for store credit. I've also posted the books on and The end result is that I've managed to move about half the books he gave me.

Now, I've sold several of his books on It's not making me rich or anything, but between the books he gave me and some books my Mom's got me selling for her (She lets me take 50% of the selling price, which is sweet!) I've probably made around $200. It's paying for my winter quarter textbooks at least :)

Amazon's fees are highway robbery, though. Too bad I am far too lazy to set up an account anywhere else!

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