Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A random fruit basket.

Watercolor class is fun, and I am learning a lot. Granted, I was so terrible at watercolor anyway that there's nowhere to go but up! It's great, though, even though I get very little feedback from the teacher. Controlling the brush - always my biggest challenge, my hands are trembly - is getting easier, and I'm improving at color matching. (I can't seem to get a creamy pale pink though. Perhaps I need a white paint, but the teacher keeps saying to use "the white of the paper" so I must be missing something. Flesh tone is also irritatingly difficult.) Today we did flowers, and I was popping along pretty well until the teacher suddenly said the class was nearly up and my painting was barely half finished. I rushed the rest and now it looks shoddy. We can re-submit work, though, so if I can find the time I'll re-paint.


I finished Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope today. It really did convince me that Obama's the one I want to vote for in 2008. (Except I can't unless he beats Clinton. Registered Green Party, so in the primary I get to vote for ol' Ralphie.) I wouldn't say that I walk away from this book with a firm grasp of what Obama stands for, because I don't think he "stands" for anything. He has his personal preferences but in the book, at least, it seems like he's trying to be Everyman for everyone, and chants compromise, compromise, compromise. Compromise is how some of the greatest documents in American history were created. I hate the 'Democrat' v. 'Republican', 'Liberal' v. 'Conservative' labels. (Heck, that's a major factor why I'm in the Green Party. They may be wacko but they aren't a D or a R.) I feel like Clinton and Edwards are campaigning as Democrats; Obama is campaigning as an idealist. Idealism may not have solid roots, but something rooted in the ground can't even move. If the system is screwed up I'd rather have someone with big hopes in charge.
What can I say? I like a Cinderella story.


Etsy is addictive. I wish I had a way to do trades on there, but all I have to offer are my doodles and frankly, who wants those? (Also, I don't have a scanner, so I can't even show off recent work. Lame.)

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