Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Oopsies daisy, sorry baby!

Today was just a hectic day. I went to work (six in the morning - hateithateithateit) and went shopping before school. Shopping is fun - I got a kick@$$ suede jacket, half-price, with fringe everywhere. It's gorgeous. I'm totally broke now, tho'. Dangrabbit! (Is that a real phrase anywhere?) I had school - Japanese, my only class today - and managed to squeeze some socializing in around the other activities. Demo, I managed to be home realatively early at five. It's the earliest I've been home this week - quite a contrast to the past few weeks, where I've avoided leaving home unless absolutely necessary.
I feel rather bad. My friend D - who previous to yesterday night I hadn't seen since the middle of the fall quarter - ran into me last night after my math class. I was thrilled to see him, but I couldn't stop to chat because my Butler was waiting for me. Sadness, but I figured I'd see him soon. So away I rush.
Today I ran into him twice - once three minutes before my class began, and briefly afterwords - and again, I am so bad. I totally blow him off 'cuz I've got to get going to one place or another. It's particularly bad because I told him at lunch today that, and I quote, "This five seconds a day thing isn't working for me. We totally need to sit down and have a nice, long talk." And he said, "Yeah, I'd really like that." And then I rush off from him again and again. It's so very rude. He doesn't have school Thursday, and I'm not on campus Friday, so I suppose I won't have a chance at that talk 'til Monday at the earliest.

Ja. May be back in a smash to finish this.

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