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Lush-related, as usual...

So our regional manager noticed that I was not working weekends and let Jo know that either I had to change my availability or get demoted. Tears! I was actually expecting this to come up last week and was surprised when the regional didn't say anything.

If it comes to a demotion, I'd be fine with that because hey, Senior Key is just a title. What I would not be happy about would be a drop in pay, too. After all, the stuff I do now still has to get done, and I would not be OK with getting paid the same amount as someone who spends large parts of their shift on MySpace or Youtube.

When I'm at work, Lush owns my time, so my time is devoted to them. I don't talk on my cell phone unless I'm on my break. I don't do my homework. I don't surf the web unless it's work related. I greet every customer; if there isn't a free sales associate I get out from behind the till and get to demo-ing and selling. I admit I may not have the highest conversion and average sales. It irks me when again and again I have to stop the work I'm doing - answering emails, responding to a customer on the forum, etc. - on the computer to help a customer when another associate is just goofing off.

If Lush can provide paperwork that states it is a requirement of my position to work weekends, then I suppose I'll have to concede they're right. But I've gone through every document I've signed for them and seen no such clause. So, since I never agreed to such a condition I don't feel bad that I haven't been available weekends. I am available to work up to 8 hours a day Monday through Friday, but if I wanted to work full-time at my current pay rate I would have been a lot more flexible during my MIT interviews last June.

At any rate, it is more and more likely I'll be leaving Lush in the next month or two. At this point I don't know if I'd have the option to go back to Bath & Body Works for sales; they seem pretty well-staffed at the moment. (Five-ten hours a week would be the max I could look forward to.) It is more likely that I would have to find another job, and I'm not particularly looking forward to another job search. But if I don't go out my needs are quite few and I could survive on a couple hundred dollars a month. I am not worried.

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