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Car Incident I, 2008

On Monday evening as I was driving Seanie to the lightrail station so he could return to SJSU, some jerk making a left turn came barreling out at me and would have smashed into my Civic were it not for my crafty evasive action! He came shooting out from a residential street and I swerved to the left (into the oncoming traffic lane, terror!) to avoid him. The sudden swerve and brake-slamming was too much for Amadeus, and we went spinning out of control. Terrifying, but thankfully God was watching out for us and we didn't hit anything or anyone. The jerk who could have killed us (I didn't see anything about them except the car was a white/silver SUV) didn't even stop to see if we were OK, or slow down, or anything! The driver just kept speedin' along. The car stalled in the lane when we stopped spinning, and I had to restart it. But there doesn't seem to be any damage at least.

But man! What is the state of the world when you can nearly cause an accident and be so callous that you don't stop to see if everyone's OK?

(Also, I have had a pain in my lower ribcage today. Either the ab exercises I did Monday morning strained some really oddly-placed muscles or the seatbelt tightening lightly bruised me. Either way, ouch!)
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