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It's just to Revolution

I'll be making my normal resolutions this year, the same ones I make every year. Some will remain upheld throughout the year, and others will eventually be shelved.
I will grow closer to the Lord, and strive to live closer to His word. I will follow Jesus' teachings wherever they will lead. If I sin, I will ask forgiveness, and not repeat my errors again. I will hold myself up to the standards in the Bible, and not hold the Bible up to my standards.
I will hold my tongue because anger accomplishes nothing. And if I do lose my temper, I will apologize.
My happiness will remain my own this year. I will rely on nothing and no one else on earth to hand it to me.
I will try to be healthier and eat three meals a day.
I will not blame my personal problems on my parents or my enviroment. I can blame my psychology on no one but myself.
I won't let magazines or the media tell me what is good and what I should be.
I will keep my love for someone who deserves it.
Since I believe in Karma I will only give what I want to be returned.
The grass is the same on both sides, so I will not wish for what I can not have.
I will appreciate what I have since I don't know when it will be gone.
I will not do stupid things to satisfy earthly desires.
I will learn to trust.
I will look past the outer surface to the inner heart and soul.
I will spend more time with my family.
Money is not a permanant thing, and I will not worry about what I don't have. I have what I need, and that is enough.
I will forgive in my heart, not just in my mind.
I will not forsake the Lord for anything.
My love will conquer my hate, as my strength of will will conquer my fears.
I will be strong. I will be true to myself. I will strive to seek my inner self.
My mind will be unleashed to its full potential.
The voices in my head will be silent from midnight until noon.
I will learn to play the piano.
I will learn to speak Japanese.
I will dance along the spiders' webs and find new things at the end of the thread.
I will create and invigorate rather than crumple and destroy.
I will be me. And that will be enough.

Hey, it's the third year running. How'm I doin', folks?
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