Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Movies & CDs & Everything else..

Ha ha ha!
My Swan Lake came yesterday and I've been driving everyone nuts with Tchaikovsky. It's great! is awesome.

Work drama continues, but I'm not going to stew about it because it's unhealthy for my brain.

I saw The Spiderwick Chronicles yesterday afternoon with Amanda. (Poor girl...she always gets dragged to kids' movies with me. Maybe we'll see something for grown-ups next time.) It's a fun movie! I haven't read the book, but the movie is very much a Brian Froud book come to life. Angry child finds magical book with a note that screams DO NOT READ!, child reads the book anyway and learns all about the magical world of faeries and goblins, child must fight off the EVIL BAD CREATURES that come a-callin'. Very pretty movie, lots of fun if you're a sucker for fairies and fantasy. (Which I am.)

I want to see The Other Boleyn Girl too. I loved that book. Let's go see it, folks!!!

Gotta study for Geology, there's a test in that class on Tuesday. We also have a field trip coming up on the 8th, which sucks because I have to skip out on watercolors and I have to spend the day with my fellow students, and that makes me nervous because I'm terribly anti-social. But at least the rocks will be neat. I hope I pay attention...

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