Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I just want a day off to run around screaming.

As an impulse purchase I bought Jem & The Holograms Season One and Two a few weeks ago so Seanie and I have been watching the series. (Poor guy. What is more emasculating than Jem? Hmmm...maybe a Barbie cartoon. Did they do those in the 80's or 90's, aside from the grocery-store movies?) It's a lot of fun.

Work is meh. One of my co-workers was unexpectedly fired on Sunday, and two others were let go earlier in the weekend. On the one hand, hey! more hours for me yay! But the fired co-worker really needed the job so I'm worried about him. Hopefully he finds something good soon. As for me? I'm so lazy! I just can't find the motivation I need to kickstart my job search. Whenever I think about it, my brain goes 'eh' and I resolve not to mind the job at Lush so much. I like our new manager so the job is getting better, as long as I work with the right people.

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