Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


If you've taken enough art classes, after a while the challenge is not finding the money to buy the art supplies you need, it is figuring out where you stashed the charcoals or the Prismacolors or the 18x24 drawing paper instead of the 10x12 watercolor block.

I've spent the last hour trying to find the components of a very short list:
- 24 pack of Prismacolor pencils (I looked up the pencil colors that are in the 24-color box and then had to locate all of the colors, or something very similar)
- 18x24 drawing paper (Found the newsprint in five minutes, took about twenty to find the drawing paper)
- drawing pencil (This wasn't hard to find, it was just difficult to figure out which hardness/softness my teacher considers a standard drawing pencil.)
- drawing board (That wasn't too hard, but I wonder just when the rubber band at the bottom snapped.)
- eraser (Kneaded, rubber, or white?)

All that's left is the 18" ruler. I found the plastic one I used to use for fashion design, but I could swear I had a metal one that was nicer. I'll give it another ten minutes to try and find it, and then I'll give up in a dramatic flair of frustration.

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